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HWG Giga Set

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  • Suitable for all common types of stoves and hobs, including induction
  • 30 year HWG guarantee on all stainless steel cooking units
  • Even heat distribution and heat storage thanks to the battery-thermal capsule > Energy-efficient cooking method
  • Optimal cooking temperature
  • Intelligent temperature control thanks to Thermobig – with a 2-year guarantee
  • Ergonomic, heat-insulated handles for maximum comfort
  • Food rich in vitamins and minerals: Gentle HWG cooking method with its own steam thanks to the condensation groove
  • Low-calorie diet, thanks to the preparation without the addition of fat or oil
  • Dishwasher safe, with the exception of Thermobig (the Thermobig can be easily rolled out and rolled up again)
  • Your food will last 3 to 5 times longer thanks to the SuperVac universal lid

The HWG Giga Set leaves nothing to be desired! The complete set fulfills all your needs in order to enable you to have the greatest possible cooking fun. Almost limitless recipes can be implemented with the Giga Set for the whole family in the healthiest and most delicious way and can be stored up to 3 to 5 times longer. In addition, with the specially developed cleaning wipes of the HWG series, you will experience a long-lasting feeling of freshness and hygiene in your four walls, exclusively with water and without the addition of chemical additives.



The Giga Set consists of:


1x HWG Stainless Steel Cooking Unit, including Serving Lid and Thermobig, with a diameter of 16 cm and a capacity of approx. 1.8 L

Ideal for preparing baby food, sauces, small portions of vegetables, soups, rice and desserts.



1x HWG Stainless Steel Cooking Unit, including Serving Lid and Thermobig, with a diameter of 20 cm and a capacity of approx. 2.5 L

Sliced meat, rice, pasta, asparagus, meat meals, potatoes and all kinds of side meals can be prepared with this cooking unit for 2 to 3 people.



1x HWG Stainless Steel Cooking Unit, including Serving Lid and Thermobig, with a diameter of 20 cm and a capacity of approx. 3.1 L

This cooking unit is ideal for any meal, for those who are slightly more hungry or if you want to pre-cook for the next two days.



1x HWG Stainless Steel Cooking Unit, including High-Volume Lid and Thermobig, with a diameter of 24 cm and a capacity of approx. 3.6 L

The capacity of approx. 3.6 L offers enough space for any meals in large quantities. Thanks to the high-volume lid, you can prepare dishes with a large volume, such as whole chickens, without chopping them up and in the healthiest way. The high-volume lid is by your side wherever the cooking unit is too small for the contents. In addition, the high-volume lid can be combined with all HWG 24 cm cooking units.



1x HWG Stainless Steel Cooking Unit, including Serving Lid and Thermobig, with a diameter of 24 cm and a capacity of approx. 5.6 L

The 5.6 L unit offers you almost limitless possibilities when preparing your meals. Any kind of food can be prepared in very large quantities for approx. 4-6 people.



1x HWG Stainless Steel Pan 20 cm, without serving lid

Omelets, scrambled or fried eggs, as well as sausages, pancakes, tomato sauces, potato rösti, small amounts of vegetables or just individual pieces of steaks and fillets can be prepared in a healthy way in the HWG stainless steel pan in a very short time.



1x HWG Steam Pot 20/24 cm

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the sieve cooking unit is perfectly matched to all HWG stainless steel units with a diameter of 20 cm and 24 cm and thus enables an ideal combination steam cooking experience.

The sieve attachment is also ideal for washing and draining vegetables and fruit and, thanks to the possibility of combining it with different pots, offers excellent space, time and energy savings.



1x HWG Dutch Oven for the oven approx. 3.5 L

The Dutch oven can be used in a variety of ways on all common hobs and hotplates, as well as in the oven. Many meat dishes, such as goulash, roulades, roast beef, but also delicious side dishes, casseroles, soups and sauces can be perfectly implemented.



1x HWG SuperVac Universal Lid 26 cm

The HWG SuperVac universal lid was specially developed to allow food in pots and other large boxes with a diameter of less than or equal to 26 cm to last 3-5 times longer. The universal lid can be vacuum-sealed directly on large containers such as your pots, thus saving food from rearranging. The universal lid can be vacuum-sealed directly on large containers such as your pots, thus saving food from rearranging.



1x HWG SuperVac Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is necessary in order to be able to use the SuperVac units ideally.

The pumping process takes place when the lower opening of the pump encloses the valve of any SuperVac cover and the head part of the pump is pulled up and down with light effort.



1x HWG Teapot, 4 pieces

which retains its high gloss for a long time, it flatters your comfort and your eyes. Thanks to the integrated sieve,

the tea pulp is prevented from getting into your glass and thus ensures a high-quality aroma experience.

The Akkutherm capsule base catches the heat via the hotplate, stores it and distributes it evenly in the inner walls of the jug. The HWG teapot thus offers maximum energy and time savings and is suitable for use on all types of stoves, including induction.



1x HWG Drying Cloth with Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Blue – 60 x 40 cm

The HWG drying cloth with ultra-fine microfibers and nanosilver technology is ideal for drying surfaces and dishes due to its strong suction and antibacterial properties. Thanks to the unique waffle structure, the HWG drying cloth is absolutely lint-free and therefore perfect for cleaning dishes and cutlery.



1x HWG Kitchen Cloth with Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Green – 60 x 50 cm

The HWG kitchen cloth can be used for cleaning, polishing and drying all greasy and dirty surfaces in the kitchen. The antibacterial cloth is particularly absorbent and has the property of reducing bad smells.



1x HWG Window Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Green – 40 × 40 cm

With the environmentally friendly manufactured HWG window cleaning cloth made of ultra-fine microfibers, you can achieve excellent cleanliness and a streak-free shine, all with just water.

Thanks to the nanosilver technology, the cleaning cloth has an antibacterial property and thus also reduces bad smells.



1x HWG Make-Up Cloth – Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Violet – 32 × 22 cm

The equipment with nanosilver technology gives the HWG make-up cloth an antibacterial property, which is a prerequisite for thorough facial cleansing. From now on, you can say goodbye to expensive chemical cleaning products that usually take up a lot of bathroom space.

Thanks to the ultra-fine microfibers, even waterproof make-up is removed gently and deep into the pores – only with water. The special waffle texture on the surface also creates a gentle massage effect with a peeling function, which gently removes dead skin and opens the pores.



1x HWG Brilliant Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Violet – approx. 40 × 40 cm

Areas of application for the HWG Brillant cleaning cloth are in particular surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, doors and inside and outside surfaces of cupboards. Due to the property of permanent nanosilver technology, the Brilliant Cleaning Cloth is particularly effective against bacteria and bad smells. The ultra-fine microfibers enable maximum cleaning with the highest shine – only with water.



1x HWG Special Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, White – 40 × 40 cm

Fabric and leather surfaces are particularly susceptible to wear and tear and therefore require permanent proper cleaning and care for a long service life. The particularly soft HWG special cleaning cloth with ultra-fine microfibres cleans textiles extremely gently without stressing them. Equipped with the property of nanosilver technology, the special cleaning cloth also effectively combats bacteria and bad smells.



1x HWG Crystal Cleaning Cloth – Ultrafine Microfibers & Nanosilver Technology, Blue – 50 × 45 cm

Few people know that glassy surfaces such as crystals and chandeliers require special cleaning. With conventional cleaning, these sensitive objects lose their shine in the long run and lapse into a matt look that can only be polished to a high gloss again with great effort. With the HWG crystal cleaning cloth, you don’t need any other special cleaning agents to keep your decorations shiny for many years. Even when used dry, the ultra-fine microfibers remove dirt and dust without causing scratches and polish any glass surface to a noble high gloss. The nanosilver technology effectively combats bacteria and odors, which means that aggressive cleaning solutions can be deliberately avoided.



1x HWG Smart Sponge – Ultrafine Microfibers & Permanent Nanosilver Technology, Orange – 20 × 15 cm

The HWG Smart Sponge consists of two special surfaces on both sides, which enable hygienic cleaning in the household. Optimal cleaning is achieved by using the hard side to remove stubborn stains and the soft side for subsequent cleaning. Kitchen surfaces, tiles, ceramics, fittings and much more, shine again thanks to the ultra-fine microfiber properties. Bacteria and bad smells are effectively combated by the permanent nanosilver technology.



1x HWG Bamboo Cleaning Cloth, Green – 40 × 40 cm

The special processing of the Bamboo cleaning cloth is extremely hygienic and, due to its ecology and water resistance, indispensable in daily use.

This is imparted to the cloth by the nature of the bamboo.

Manufactured without chemical additives, this special cloth is extremely resistant to bacteria and microbes and is therefore suitable for cleaning cupboards, cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles and for other purposes in the entire household.



1x HWG Bathroom Cleaning Cloth – Microfibers & Nanosilver Technology, Red – 40 × 40 cm

Thanks to the alternating hard and soft surface, the Bathroom Cleaning Cloth offers effective cleaning in the entire bathroom. Depending on the application surface, the cloth can be used for cleaning and polishing, dry or damp.



1x HWG Bath Drying Cloth – Microfiber & Nanosilver Technology, Orange – 40 × 40 cm

Thanks to nanosilver technology, the environmentally friendly manufactured HWG bathroom drying cloth is equipped with an antibacterial effect. The wide range of possible uses: lint-free drying of surfaces in the bathroom, such as tiles, wash basins, toilets and bathtubs, hygienic cleaning of the entire bathroom.



1x HWG Money Box

The investment in HWG pays for itself in a short time. This is particularly noticeable through the energy savings. Eliminating oil and fat also reduces your shopping expenses. By vacuuming the food, you not only help to protect the environment, but also enjoy your food 3 to 5 times longer than in conventional fresh-keeping containers. By vacuuming your food regularly, you can save up to a purchase value of € 200 on groceries a month. So that you always have an overview of your savings, the HWG money box is included with the mega set for free! Simply throw the coins you have saved by using HWG products into the money box and after a short time you will be pleased that the investment will pay off on its own.





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