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HWG Water Purification System

The purest drinking water quality straight from your tap!

With the HWG water filter system with reverse osmosis system, your body experiences comfort, pleasure and health at its peak.


Ideal drinking water quality

The HWG water filter system has been specially developed to meet the human need for clean and healthy water. Because clean and healthy drinking water is always the most ideal drinking water for human health.

For your health

An adult should drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day (this may vary based on age, height and body weight). Our groundwater has been so heavily polluted in recent years by industrialization and agricultural spraying that it is now almost impossible to find clean water.

Conveniently from your tap

While you can produce your drinking water from the comfort of your home in the best quality and in the most economical way, you also avoid the long-term high drinking water costs and the lugging of heavy water bottles.

The HWG water filter system contains NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) components.

"The National Sanitation Foundation is the competent, independent, top international authority for setting and certifying health, hygiene and cleanliness standards for water, food, the environment and consumer products."

What is a "Reverse Osmosis System"?

HWG Water purification system micron

Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced filter technology for obtaining drinking water. It was first developed by NASA to extract drinking water from wastewater in a confined area in a space capsule.

The real source of inspiration for this technology;

In nature, it is the process of drawing water from the soil to the plant stems of plant roots.

In addition, the process of the kidney in the human body that separates harmful objects, filters them and expels them as urine with some water also inspired the reverse osmosis system.

Later, it started to be used to produce drinking water in households and in the workplace. Today, with reverse osmosis technology, drinking water can even be obtained from seawater.

It is known that the pore diameter of the membranes used in the reverse osmosis system (pore diameters vary between 10,000,000 and 1,000,000 millimeters) is about 20 times smaller than the smallest virus. . These data demonstrate the reliability of reverse osmosis technology.

The advantages of the HWG Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System;


By producing your drinking water in the best quality and in the most economical way, you can avoid the long-term high drinking water costs and the lugging of heavy water bottles.

Health for the whole family

The HWG water filter system purifies the water of harmful substances and enables you to achieve healthy and clean water effortlessly.

It is also the ultimate ideal solution for infants and children.


The unique aroma of the tea you brew, the coffee and the food you cook with HWG will also increase.

Durable household appliances

It protects your kitchen appliances and plants from limescale and thus ensures a much longer service life.


By saving the costs of drinking water bought in supermarkets,
the HWG Water Purification System pays for itself in a short time!


Information, connection, service and guarantee are subject to the HWG guarantee.

The water entering the HWG Water Purification System goes through 7 different phases:


Sediment Filter


Activated Carbon Filter


Block Carbon Filter


Membrane Filter-1


Membrane Filter-2


Post Carbon and Alkali Filters


The sediment filter filters the water up to 5 micrometers (1 / 200‘th of a millimeter). It cleans substances like mud, rust and asbestos and thus clarifies the water.



The activated carbon filter reduces all chemical mixtures and organic dirt components, especially chlorine, which cause a bad smell and taste.



The block carbon filter cleans all chemical mixtures and organic impurities that cause a bad smell and taste. At the same time, the activated carbon filter stops particles up to 0.1 micrometers from reaching the membrane, which ensures a longer service life.



The pressurized water that gets into the membrane filter is cleaned by two membrane filters, the pores of which are less than a millionth of a millimeter. During this process, all harmful mixtures and microbes that are in the water are removed.



Finally, the taste and smell of the water in the post-carbon and alkali filter are improved again and the alkaline value of the water is increased to over 7.5.

Enjoy your water! 100%

If you too:

don’t want to compromise on your comfort

want to keep your health and the environment away from the harmful effects of plastic packaging

tired of lugging heavy bottles of water

have children or an extended family

want to prepare all of your food and drinks with healthy and clean water

want to use your household appliances such as coffee makers, tea makers, kettles and irons for many years by keeping them away from limescale

The HWG Water purification system is right choice for your house!

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