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About us

HWG Haushaltswarenhandels GmbH, or HWG for short, was founded in Krefeld in 1995 and has grown steadily since then. Now we are proud to be represented in the whole European region and to be able to offer our customers high quality products.

Starting with stainless steel cooking units, porcelain & cutlery sets and SuperVac vacuumable storage containers, we have been offering environmentally friendly cleaning agents since 2017 and water purification system since 2019. Increasing demand gives us momentum to continue growing dynamically.

Excellent quality combined with elegant design defines our products. In addition, our products are offered at the customer’s home by our sales partners after an appointment through individual and expert advice, without any obligation.

This sales channel gives you many advantages as it is the best way to get to know and test our products.


Since 1995, the HWG has focused on three key issues. These are: health, quality & sustainability.

Our stainless steel cooking units allow our customers to cook their meals gently instead of traditional cooking. The difference is that when cooking, the food is soaked in water and heated to at least 100 ° C until it is cooked. In this process, however, most of the nutrients either pass into the water and are then sieved out or “fly off” beforehand together with the water vapor.
When cooking with HWG, raw food is slightly moistened and placed in the stainless steel unit. With the Thermobig on the lids, you always have control over the optimal temperature and don’t have to open the lid before the food is ready and comes on the table.
Thus, the foods retain their vitamins and important nutrients and do not lose color or size.

The stainless steel of our cooking units is produced in Germany (Krupp-Edelstahl) and is one of the highest quality on the market. The same stainless steel is used, for example, in medicine for surgical instruments, as these are best suited in terms of hygiene.

We are so convinced of the quality of our stainless steel units that we give our customers a 30-year guarantee on purchase.
With porcelain and vacuum storage boxes (HWG SuperVac), these materials are protected from bacteria, mold, chemicals caused by cleaning agents, etc. can be protected. Care has been taken to ensure that these materials have properties that prevent the adhesion of harmful substances.
Accordingly, our customers have optimal conditions for preparation, consumption and then also for storage – and that at the most hygienic level!

Sustainability is the responsible use of resources. One of the most frequently cited definitions of the term sustainability goes back to the 1987 UN World Commission for Environment and Development:
“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without risking that future generations will not be able to meet their own needs.”
At HWG, we place great value on sustainability and have maintained that value for over 26 years. Up to 60% energy savings when cooking (electricity / gas), less food waste thanks to up to 5 times longer storage life for food, the use of natural substances in cleaning agents instead of chemicals gives us a good feeling every time we sell our products: Sustainable and long-term use!