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HWG Cooking Units

HWG Cooking Units

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Thanks to the Thermobig, your meals are prepared at the most ideal temperature. You can keep an eye on the temperature control even when the lid is constantly closed, so there is no risk of the food spilling and burning. The temperature control enables energy savings of up to 60%.

Akkutherm Capsule Base

The Akkutherm capsule base absorbs the heat from the stove in a few seconds, stores it for a long time and distributes it evenly in the pot. You can switch off the stove after just a few minutes, and the food will continue to cook with retained heat. This enables enormous energy savings.

Intelligent Heat Circulation

The intelligent heat circulation prevents the food from burning and the food is cooked at the ideal temperature. This prevents the loss of important vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the Thermobig, you always have an eye on the heat inside the pot.

Ultimate Cooking Technique: Condensation Groove

The condensation groove creates a film of water between the lid and the pot. This acts as a seal and prevents steam from escaping. Thanks to the generated steam, your meals are cooked in their own steam, this process also preserves the vitamins and minerals contained in the food.

The heat rising from the Akkutherm capsule base comes into contact with the (compared to the pot) colder lid. As a result, so-called “raindrops” form from condensation and are scattered on the food. In this context, healthy and delicious meals are obtained without any addition of oil and water. The guarantee for HWG stainless steel cooking units is valid for 30 years from the date of delivery and offers you a lifelong service life.

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle provides you with assistance during the cooking process. You don’t need any more space to put your pot lid down and you can attach it to the pot handle instead.

Innovative Lid

The coaster function is used for easy serving at the dining table, gives your set table an elegant ambiance and helps keep your food warm because the lid covers the Akkutherm capsule base.

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