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HWG Cooling Gel – 250 ml


  • Circulation-promoting effect
  • Application: For small sports injuries and sprains, headaches, fever, swellings, stressed muscles
  • Skin care and moisturizing
  • For soft and supple skin
  • Accelerates the natural healing process
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As early as the 16th century, the Indians discovered the circulation-promoting effects of the fragrant camphor tree extract. The menthol, which is found in the essential oils of Japanese peppermint oil, also inhibits itching and skin irritation. The HWG cooling gel has a calming and caring effect on stressed muscles. In addition to essential oils, it also contains skin-caring and moisturizing extracts that contribute to soft and supple skin.

The HWG cooling gel works wonders for small sports injuries and sprains by cooling the area in case of muscle pain and tension.

The muscles and tendons are cooled with menthol, thereby relieving the swelling. In addition, the natural healing process is accelerated.

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