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HWG® Universal Cleaner Cleaning Stone incl. Cleaning Sponge – 450 g


  • Clean, polish, maintain and seal in one operation.
  • The strong special foam creates a stronger pearl or lotus effect and a natural shine on all surfaces.
  • Cleans kitchen surfaces, pots, pans, sinks, shelves, hobs, ovens, countertops, window frames, porcelain sinks, bathrooms, tiles, sports shoes, car rims, boats, chrome steel, etc.
  • Particularly effective against limescale, incrustations, deposits and soap residues.
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Application areas:

The HWG® Universal Cleaner The HWG® Universal Cleaner is a diverse magical cleaning stone for almost unlimited areas of application, such as all smooth surfaces in the household such as: stainless steel, glass, plastic, ceramics, bathroom, kitchen, window and window frames, garden (furniture), automobile wheels, clothing and much more. After use, the cleaning stone and let the sponge dry and then close it tightly.

Thanks to the HWG universal cleaner, aluminum, stainless steel and much more shine like new!


Correct application:

The application is quite similar in all areas of application: The HWG universal cleaner contains a special sponge that is completely moistened, wringed out and then rubbed over the cleaning stone. This creates a foam-like film with which the surface to be cleaned can be easily treated. The surface is then rinsed with warm water and dried. If in doubt, it is essential to carry out samples.

Benefits in the bathroom

Large scale limescale stains often appear in bathrooms, which disturb the overall clean appearance. Instead of using chemical limescale removers, the HWG universal cleaner is a gentle, gentle alternative to remove annoying limescale stains in seconds. After use, there is also a sealing effect that significantly delays the formation of new lime stains.

Benefits in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the application possibilities of the HWG universal cleaner are not only limited to smooth surfaces such as the worktop or the cupboard walls. The product was also specially developed for cleaning stainless steel saucepans, as well as for cleaning the sink and the kitchen sink. Stainless steels, metals, chrome and much more. are brought back to a high gloss with the help of the plaster stone.

The HWG universal cleaner is also often preferred in the oven due to its mild citrus scent, as the common sprays for oven cleaning often contain ingredients that can cause irritation of the respiratory tract in sensitive people if the instructions for use are not strictly observed.

Advantages in car cleaning

From now on you can say goodbye to chemically aggressive, expensive sprays for car cleaning.

The HWG universal cleaner is the ideal companion for your vehicle, because it promises powerful and gentle cleaning with a pearl effect. Cleaning, polishing and sealing take place in just one step.

After a clear wipe, you will get a result, just like using special sprays – without you having to worry.

Especially effective at: Aluminum, chrome and steel rims, cockpit, plastic wheel covers, whitewall tires, PVC, stainless steel, metals, car windows, mirrors, chrome parts, helmets, visors, plexiglass, rubber seals, precious metals, brake output, road dirt, surface rust, rust film, insect residues, tar and Oil stains, pollen residues, bird droppings, black rain streaks, algae, moss, fenders, deposits and much more

Advantages with textiles

With the HWG universal cleaner you can achieve the care you want for the longevity of your textiles. Smooth shoes and boots, as well as sports and leisure shoes or hiking boots, will look like new thanks to the cleaning stone. Dirt and stubborn stains are effortlessly removed and renewed dirt formation is significantly delayed.

Another area of ​​application is also in textiles that do not have a smooth surface. The HWG universal cleaner can be used as an effective means of pretreating stains on tablecloths or clothes before you start the washing machine process for this laundry.

Advantages in the garden

Garden furniture, lanterns, decorative items, stained floors, walls, tables and chairs made of plastic, dirty grills, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and much more shine like new thanks to the HWG universal cleaner!

General advantages

  • Environmentally friendly – OECD 302B test
  • The all-rounder in the entire household
  • Can be used in many ways
  • Including special sponge, for cleaning & protecting all suitable surfaces
  • Delayed dirt build-up due to a light protective film
  • Fresh, mild citrus scent
  • Mild Formula
  • Without expiration date, the cleaning stone is not only foamable down to the last crumb, but also has an unlimited shelf life.
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450 g


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